Look Out Behind You! Ostrich Frightens Rhino with Headbutt

Ostrich Runs Into Rhino from Behind
Rob Kelley/REX

10/21/2011 AT 09:00 AM EDT

That's one way of saying hello!

While grazing in his new home, 10-year-old rhinoceros Kai, who recently moved into England's Woburn Safari Park, was taken by surprise when an ostrich ran into his behind. The impact of the headbutt even caused the poor animal to lift its hind legs into the air.

"Ostriches are known for their lack of intelligence. Their brain is smaller than one of their eyeballs, and this bird probably thought it was being friendly," Abi Crowley, marketing manager for the animal park, said. "Kai has never met an ostrich and it's safe to say this encounter startled him."

Here's hoping the odd couple's next meeting is face-to-face!

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