Video: Ke$ha Wants to Help Street Dogs Around the World

11/30/2011 AT 03:30 PM EST

It's an image Ke$ha will never forget: on a recent trip to an island in the South Pacific she and a friend spotted two street dogs that someone had super-glued together.

"It was horrible," she tells Humane Society International. "We managed to separate them, but with no community resources to help these dogs, no shelter to take them to, no way to take them with me, I could only watch them vanish into the streets and hope that somewhere they would find kindness."

As a Global Ambassador for HSI, the singer wants to make a difference in the lives of street dogs everywhere through a monthly fund-raising program called Street Dog Defenders.

In a new video for the organization, she asks people to donate $20 a month to the group's efforts across the globe, which includes spay/neuter surgeries to keep the pet population down and vaccinations against rabies.

"There is so much need," says the star, who has several rescue dogs of her own. "And when it comes to street dogs, it's more than just another important issue to me – it's very personal."

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