Whoa, Baby! Romy the Irish Setter Has 15 Puppies

Whoa, Baby! Romy the Irish Setter Has 15 Puppies
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12/08/2011 AT 09:00 AM EST

Watch out, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar – Romy the Irish setter is nipping at your heels!

After a 10-hour labor, Romy welcomed a whopping 15 puppies two weeks ago. Her brood is so large that the dog's 28-year-old owners, roommates Natasha White and Alicia Copping of Allesley, England, have had to step in to help their 3-year-old pooch care for all the newborns.

"We're helping feed them with special puppy milk because obviously Romy's milk will run out," White told the Coventry Observer.

White and Copping, who plan to keep one of the puppies and adopt out the rest, never imagined that their dog and her canine partner, Ruben, 6, would have this many puppies – 10 girls and 5 boys.

"We were in shock when she kept going. We thought, 'Oh, crikey, how is she going to get the last few out?' But she did it," White told the Daily Mail. "She was very tired by the end of it. We gave her a walk 'round the garden after her 10th one. Then after two hours the others came out."

One of the pups has been named Rosie, but the roommates are asking people to help name the rest via a new website they've set up. Just two weeks old on Thursday, a few of the dogs are already showing their personalities.

"There is a particular greedy one," said White. "She wakes up in between feeds screaming for more milk. Another of the girls is quite chilled out."

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