Crocodile Attacks Lawn Mower in Sydney

Crocodile Attacks Lawn Mower in Australia
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12/29/2011 AT 09:00 AM EST

Perhaps this reptile has a bit of a green thumb?

A pair of zookeepers at an Australian reptile park near Sydney were taken by surprise Wednesday when a crocodile lunged from its pool and grabbed hold of their lawn mower. The 16-ft.-long animal, named Elvis, then proceeded to drag the machine under water and stand guard next to it, despite losing two teeth in the incident.

But Elvis, 50, is no stranger to making mischief: he was captured in 2008 after repeatedly climbing aboard fishing boats in Darwin harbor.

Unfortunately for the possessive crocodile, the lawnmower affair was short-lived. With the aid of crocodile handler Tim Faulkner, workers at the park were able to remove the mower shortly after Elvis swam to the other side of the pool.

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