The Water Bowl: Hank, the Cat Running for Senate, Gets Attack Ad

03/02/2012 AT 11:30 AM EST

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The attack ads against the cat running for Senate have begun. Says his campaign manager, "Hank is refusing to respond to baseless attack ads. Hank states that this is exactly the type of advertising and wastefulness in Washington that he is running against, and absolute proof that he is scaring those in charge." –The Jane Dough

The Lord Howe stick insect, also known as the tree lobster because of its large size, had been thought extinct for 80 years, but was recently re-discovered on a strange island called Ball's Pyramid. –NPR

Japan has revised its Animal Protection Law, putting an 8 p.m. curfew on cats and dogs being out in public. The change has angered owners and customers of Tokyo's popular cat cafés, which get the most business in the after-work hours. –Reuters

The South China tiger, one of the world's most endangered species, has been flourishing in a preserve in South Africa. The owners of the preserve want to establish a breeding program and to teach the tigers to survive in the wild. –BBC News

A U.K. dog grooming shop, in addition to natural shampoos and alcohol-free dog beers, offers Reiki sessions for its canine clientele. Reiki is a Buddhist healing practice that transfers positive healing energy through hands. –Manchester Evening News

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