The Water Bowl: This Candle Smells Like Kittens

Yankee Candle Includes 'Whiskers on Kittens' Scent in Collection
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11/07/2012 AT 12:00 PM EST

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Would you buy a candle that smells like a cat? Yankee Candle Company Inc. is offering a "Whiskers on Kittens" scent in its 2012 "My Favorite Things" limited collection. And, no, it doesn't smell like kitty litter. According to its description, it's "a sweet scent with a gentle nuzzle of sandalwood and vanilla musk." –Boston Globe

After two years on the prowl, Gaza Strip police caught the 5 ft., 9 in.-crocodile who escaped his zoo enclosure. "He had a lot of spirit in him," said a lieutenant. "He wanted to be free." –AP

When this polly wants a cracker, he knows how to get it: Scientists say Figaro the cockatoo bird creates wooden, rake-like tools out of beams and sticks to grab food within his reach. "It was already a surprise to see him use a tool," said the study's leader, "but we certainly did not expect him to make one by himself." –Daily Mail

A Canadian family was reunited with their 3-year-old cat, Gus Gus, after he turned up in an unexpected place: Michigan. The cat, who went missing a year ago from their Ontario home, was identified by his microchip. –CBS News

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