The Water Bowl: Hotels and Airlines Catering to VIP – Very Important Pets

Traveling Pets Enjoy Amenities at Hotels, on Airlines

11/13/2012 AT 12:30 PM EST

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Talk about precious cargo! The U.S. Travel Association reports that 18 percent of adult leisure jet-setters take their pets with them when they hit the road. This means more pet-friendly deals and amenities at hotels and on airlines. –Fox News

A koala is on the mend in Australia after a local found the injured animal in the aftermath of a wildfire. The koala, whose paws and fur were burned, was given water before it was taken to an animal hospital to recover. –Today

A French free diver went for a 45-minute swim Sunday with 25 sharks. Plunging into the water unprotected, he had a point to prove: "People think sharks are a threat," he said. "But in reality, overfishing has made them, not humans, an endangered species." –Daily Mail

Two weeks after she was found with a coffee can around her neck wandering and starving on the streets of Dallas, Texas, Olivia the dog is making a recovery. She has since gained about 11 lbs., and the fur around her neck, which was constricted by the can so she couldn't eat, is growing back. –Daily Mail

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