The Water Bowl: Kim Kardashian's Cat Mercy Dies

Kim Kardashian's Cat Mercy Dies
Kim Kardashian and Mercy
Courtesy Kim Kardashian

12/10/2012 AT 01:00 PM EST

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Less than three months after Mercy Kardashian became a household name, the Persian feline passed away, Kardashian announced on her blog. "My heart is completely broken," she wrote Friday of the kitten, who was a gift from boyfriend Kanye West but that Kardashian ultimately had to give up after discovering she was allergic. Mercy was in the care of Khloé Kardashian Odom's assistant, and died from a fatal virus often associated with breeding. –E! Online

A monkey sporting a miniature shearling coat and diapers caused a sensation after it was spotted running around the parking lot of a Toronto Ikea store. While its owners shopped inside, the monkey managed to escape its crate and make its way around the lot, where it frightened a few customers with its shrill screams. –CBC News

Be careful what you pay for: Black Ivory Coffee, which costs $50 a serving, is cultivated from the waste of 20 elephants in Thailand. The beans are plucked from the dung of the herd a day after being eaten by the pachyderms. –AP

West Virginia University's Mountaineer mascot, Jonathan Kimble, is under fire for using the school's musket as a hunting weapon after posting a video of himself shooting down a black bear. The 24-year-old – and lifelong hunter – argued that hunting with the musket has been a Mountaineer tradition, but has since agreed to no longer use the school-sanctioned item on hunting trips. –AP

A 40,000-lb. dead whale that washed up along the shores of a private Malibu, Calif., beach near the homes of Barbara Stresiand and Bob Dylan has yet to be removed after multiple parties refuse to take responsibility for it. The whale, a male fin, is an endangered species, and a necropsy suggested its spine had been broken after being struck by a ship. –Vanity Fair

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