The Daily Treat: Micro Pig Says Top o' the Mornin' to Ya

St. Patrick's Day: Pig in Green Hat Pushes Grocery Cart with Beer
Anyone fancy a drink?
Richard Austin/REX USA

updated 03/16/2013 AT 04:00 PM EDT

originally published 03/15/2013 AT 12:10 PM EDT

Coming through, please!

On Thursday, one overly excited micro pig decided to get an early start on its St. Patrick's Day celebrations in England.

Donning a green top hat and picking up all of the essential party favors for the big day – a pint of Guinness, what else? – this little piggy was ready to go all the way home with his necessities in tow.

Maybe a stop by England's Pennywell Farm can be arranged along the way? We bet this micro pig would be happy to share its strawberry in exchange for a drinking buddy.

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