The Daily Treat: Meet Three Adorable Lion Cubs

Jens Wolf/EPA/Landov

updated 06/21/2013 AT 11:55 AM ET

originally published 06/21/2013 AT 6:55 PM ET

If you see these lions, you’re going to want to run full speed ahead to hug them, that is!

The three blue-eyed babes were born in Germany on April 29 under the nursing roof of Zoo Magdeburg. Each one weighs between 11½ and 12½ lbs. – talk about big babies!

The cubs are so cute, they’ve attracted lots of visitors who’ve come to watch them as they grow and are inspected by veterinarians. However, the teething cubs aren’t so excited by their guests – or their physical exams.

We remember catfights with our sisters being rough, so we’re curious to see how these big cats fare as they get older!