Video: Baby Elephant Makes Most of Childhood in Texas Zoo

updated 08/05/2013 AT 07:50 PM EDT

originally published 08/05/2013 AT 04:30 PM EDT

The Fort Worth Zoo's new baby elephant is already making a splash with children who visit the zoo.

Their youthful fascination was enhanced Tuesday when officials at the Texas zoo added a child's inflatable pool to the elephants' enclosure for Belle's enjoyment. Belle could be seen rolling in the pool in the video above. (That's one way to beat the heat!)

Bell was born July 7 and is just the second Asian elephant to be born at the Fort Worth Zoo in its 104-year history.

Zoo spokeswoman Katie Giangreco says Belle, who weighed 330 lbs. at birth, is gaining two pounds per day. She says Belle "is curious and full of personality, learning new things every day, learning what her trunk is for, learning to use her legs."

Belle's mother, Rasha, is helping in that instruction.

Asian elephants have been listed as endangered since 1976.

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