Meet the Top 10 Internet-Famous Animals of 2013

Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, More Trending Animals on the Internet in 2013
Princess Monster Truck (left) and Grumpy Cat
Courtesy princessmonstertruck/Instagram; Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic

12/17/2013 AT 04:50 PM EST

Another day, another honor for Grumpy Cat – though we doubt it will manage to bring a smile to her face.

The fickle feline (real name: Tardar Sauce) topped Google's list of trending Internet-famous animals in 2013. She was followed by Lil Bub, Tuna the Dog and Grumpy's Christmas music video costar, Colonel Meow.

It's certainly been a great year to be a cat, with Lil Bub winning Best Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival and Grumpy Cat landing a movie deal.

But canines have experienced their own fair share of fame this year, including a return to the screen for Anchorman's Baxter the dog.

Read the complete list of top-trending animals below, and for more stats, check out Google Zeitgeist.

1. Grumpy Cat
2. Lil Bub
3. Tuna the Dog
4. Colonel Meow
5. Princess Monster Truck
6. Menswear Dog
7. Sir Stuffington
8. Yogurt the Pirate Dog
9. Bully The Bulldog
10. Maddie the Coonhound

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