Katherine Heigl on Her Eight Dogs: ‘We Watch Movies Together’

Katherine Heigl

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updated 06/20/2014 AT 8:55 AM ET

originally published 06/19/2014 AT 3:00 PM ET

For as long as she can remember, Katherine Heigl has loved dogs.

“We just had lots of pets from the moment I was born,” the actress tells PEOPLE. “I grew up with a black lab named Ben. There are photos of me laying and teething on his ears.”

The love affair continued as Heigl grew up, and ultimately led to the creation of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, an organization named in honor of her late brother that helps low-income families get their pets spayed or neutered and funds the transport of dogs to no-kill shelters.

“We have to diminish the number of animals entering shelters,” the actress, 35, says. “There are enough homes but there aren’t enough people adopting. They’re buying, so animals end up in shelters and because there’s not enough space, they have to euthanize or kill [them].”

At home, Heigl certainly practices what she preaches, having adopted eight dogs with husband Josh Kelley. Each one of them has a special role in Heigl’s life; for instance, “Piper, a shepherd-lab-chow mix. She’s just really sensitive to me,” Heigl says. “If I’m upset or crying she will find me, even if she’s all the way on the other side of the house. She just senses it.”

Her young daughters are learning to love dogs, too. Heigl’s 5-year-old, Naleigh, and her 2-year-old, Adalaide, can’t get enough of the pooches, the actress shares.

“Naleigh is really into them, but Adalaide is obsessed,” says Heigl. “When she was 6 months I was trying to do tummy time and she hated tummy time. So I put her on her tummy and [dog] Oscar was there and he started licking her face. He loves the kids.”