The Daily Treat: Hot Guys Pose with Puppies for Animal Rights

Credit: Mike Ruiz

Ice cream and chocolate sauce, peanut butter and jelly, rest and relaxation – some combos are just meant to be together.

Much like hot guys and adorable dogs.

N.Y.C.-based animal rescue, Louie's Legacy, has brought the two together for its new calendar, appropriately named "Hunks and Hounds."

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Small Shelter Receives Outpouring of Help for 20 Puppies Abandoned in Canadian Wilderness

Credit: Courtesy Battleford's Humane Society/Facebook

It's an unthinkable sight: 20 tiny puppies left for dead in the harsh temperatures of Saskatchewan, Canada.

But that is what Greg Zubiak came across on Friday while hunting moose in the woods.

Zubiak told the CBC he found the animals huddled together in the cold weather with no help in sight. The hunter quickly stripped off his sweaters and bundled up the puppies before putting them in his truck and driving to Battleford's Humane Society.

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Labradoodle Survives Fall Off 200-Foot Cliff

Originally posted 10/08/2014 01:45 PM

A Labradoodle named Gracie fell 200 feet off a cliff in Oregon – and survived.

Dog owner Michelle Simmons says Gracie and another dog were playing on a trail in the Columbia River Gorge in Cascade Locks, Oregon, when Gracie went over the side of the cliff.

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The Daily Treat: Cat Saved by Dog Blood Transfusion

Credit: Marathon Veterinary Hospital

The Daily Treat: Cat Saved by Dog Blood Transfusion

Originally posted 10/07/2014 04:45 PM

Buttercup the kitty is here to prove cats and dogs can get along, inside and out.

This orange tabby from the Florida Keys recently received a life-saving blood transfusion from a canine, reports. The rare procedure is known as a xenotransfusion.

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Dog Taking a Shower Will Wash Away Your Monday Morning Blues

Update 10/06/2014 06:30 AM Originally posted 10/03/2014 12:30 PM

Sometimes the best reward after a long week is a hot shower.

That nasty email you received, the comments your annoying boss made and the memories of the vending machine eating all of your quarters simply roll off your back and spiral down the drain. Consider it a paper shredder for your mind and body.

This pup bathing in a sink reminds us of our favorite stress reliever and, by the looks of things, we're pretty sure the dog is trying to fur-get some unpleasant happenings during his week, too.

Just as they are in the office, dog park politics can be brutal.

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Adopt Me! Reggie Is Ready to Show You How Loyal He Is

Credit: Courtesy Eleventh Hour Rescue

Adopt Me! Reggie Is Ready to Show You How Loyal He Is

Originally posted 10/03/2014 10:30 AM

It's Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month and we'll be introducing you to extraordinary canines who need homes throughout October. Today, meet Reggie, a Catahoula/hound mix from the Eleventh Hour Rescue in Rockaway, New Jersey.

Under this 2-year-old pup's shy exterior is a lot of charm. "Reggie is a fun, loving, sensitive young guy," says rescue volunteer Kristy Stracuzzi. "He loves a good game of fetch and a perfect day for him would be a hike and any activity outdoors with his people."

The sweet dog was plucked from a Tennessee shelter and somehow lost a little confidence along the way, so it can take some time for him to trust people. "But once he does," adds Stracuzzi, "you will forever have his loyalty."

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Which Scandal Star Posed Shirtless with a Pup to Mock His Costar? | Scott Foley, Tony Goldwyn

Credit: Courtesy Charisma Home; Courtesy Scott Foley

What's cuter than a puppy? A shirtless man holding a puppy, or a different shirtless man mocking a shirtless man holding a puppy?

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2015 Westminster Show to Include 2 New Breeds

Credit: Julie Jacobson/AP

2015 Westminster Show to Include 2 New Breeds

Update 10/01/2014 12:10 PM Originally posted 10/01/2014 10:00 AM

One is a rugged, versatile hunter conditioned to withstand frosty Hungarian winters. The other is a happy-go-lucky companion from the island of Madagascar. Both will join the pack at the Westminster Kennel Club show next year.

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Shy Dinosaur Would Never Survive in Jurassic Park

Originally posted 09/26/2014 01:30 PM

Buck up, buddy – or you might become extinct.

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Adopt Me! This Fetching Pooch Wants an Active Forever Friend

Credit: Jackie MacMillan

This Fetching Pooch Wants an Active Forever Friend

Originally posted 09/26/2014 10:45 AM

Home. Some pets never have one to call their own. We'd like to help change that by introducing you to an extraordinary adoptable pet every week. Today, meet Carly, and 18-month-old terrier mix who wishes her forever home could be the dog park.

Since her arrival in May at the Humane Society Silicon Valley of Milpitas, California, Carly has really come out of her shell. Although she was initially quite shy, she's decided the dog park is where it's at – so she'll welcome any opportunity to go there and play with the other dogs.

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