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'Drunk Birds' Snuggle with Rescuer's Cat

Update 04/09/2015 09:30 AM Originally posted 04/08/2015 03:20 PM

It's a berry interesting case of some birds gone bonkers.

Last week, Alese McDowell of Albany, Georgia, says she spotted about 50 cedar waxwing birds dead on the ground and a flock flying above them as if they were "drunk."

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If there's a way to prepare for heartbreak, do it now (And don't say we didn't warn you).

When PETA fieldworker Heather Johnson first met 6-month-old Cora, she found the shepherd mix chained to a post in a backyard along with four other pit bulls. They had no regular access to food, water or warmth.

Underneath Cora's chain was a collar and it had not been adjusted in so long that it was embedded into her skin, causing her to bleed.

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This Man Pets His Fish Like a Dog for 15 Minutes Every Day

Originally posted 04/07/2015 03:40 PM

Whoever said fish are low-maintanence pets hasn't met this one. Roland Giroux's finned-BFF needs to be pet at least once a day – or things get, well, fishy.

According to the Daily Mail, Giroux's blood parrot cichlid likes to be stroked like a dog in his fish tank. On a daily basis he dips his hand in the tank and gives him a massage (watch how this goes down in the video above – there's no denying that the pet likes the attention).

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Kitten Survives 16 Day Journey in Shipping Container

Credit: Juan Silva/Getty

Kitten Survives 16 Day Journey in Shipping Container

Update 04/06/2015 08:25 AM Originally posted 04/03/2015 03:05 PM

If you have to spend 16 days trapped in an overseas shipping container, this is how you should do it.

An 8-month-old kitten named Sinbad survived for that long in a container full of luxury linens that hailed from Egypt and made its final stop in Hereford, England.

The cat, named for Sinbad the sailor, hopped on the container on March 8 and was discovered by workers 16 days later when he was unloaded in Moreton-on-Lugg.

"I think he gave the [truck] driver and the staff at Mediterranean Linens quite a shock when they found him back in Hereford! They called the RSPCA and we obviously came out to rescue him," Pippa Boyd, an inspector for the RSPCA, said in a statement on their website.

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When Jasper the dog was brought to the Heath Veterinary Clinic in West Sussex, England, he had a story to tell.

He couldn't vocalize it himself, so a microchip did it for him. He was registered to an address in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, where he had been reported missing/stolen last September.

Turns out someone sold him to a woman who had been caring for the pooch for three months. On March 12, he was found wandering around town and a Good Samaritan brought him to the clinic.

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How a Quadruple Amputee Dog Is Walking Again after Losing Legs to Frostbite

Nobody is more excited for spring than Brutus – a spring in his step, that is.

The 2-year-old Rottweiler, who lost all four paws due to extreme damage from frostbite, has been fitted with four prosthetic limbs and is stepping out in a whole new way.

According to CNN, the Loveland, Colorado, dog is believed to be only the second canine ever to have four prosthetic legs.

"He just has these little peg legs to get around on, and he does a pretty good job inside the home," his owner, Laura Aquilina, told CNN affiliate KDVR.

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Former SeaWorld Orca Trainer John Hargrove Speaks Out Against Parks' Practices

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty; Gerardo Mora/Getty

Former SeaWorld Orca Trainer Speaks Out Against Parks' Practices

Update 03/25/2015 07:45 AM Originally posted 03/24/2015 03:15 PM

For years, animal activists have attacked SeaWorld for keeping orca whales in captivity, and now one of the park's most talented trainers is joining the fight.

John Hargrove performed with and trained killer whales for 14 years, mostly at SeaWorld, until he could no longer handle the conditions of the job. In a radio interview with NPR's Fresh Air, Hargrove explains how he grew to love all the animals he worked with and couldn't stand seeing the irreversible harm captivity caused them.

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Thousands of Sea Lion Pups Rescued off the Coast of Southern California

Credit: Pacific Marine Mammal Center

Starving Sea Lion Pups Rescued from California Beaches

Update 03/17/2015 06:10 AM Originally posted 03/16/2015 04:00 PM

It's a heartbreaking image at one California rehab center: Some of the sea lions taken in are starving to the point they weigh less than their birth weights.

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Shawn and Alisa Johnson Find Homes for Dogs While Their Owners are Deployed

Credit: Brad Swonetz

Instead of being forced to relinquish their pets, active members of the military now have a place to house their pets during deployment: Dogs on Deployment.

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All About That Adorable Budweiser 'Lost Dog' Commercial

Originally posted 01/31/2015 06:45 PM

You'd be hard-pressed to find something cuter.

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