Japanese Stationmaster Tama the Cat Dies

Credit: Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty

Japanese Stationmaster Tama the Cat Dies

Originally posted 06/26/2015 02:40 PM

Tama the cat, who helped to save a failing Japanese train station, has died of acute heart failure at the age of 16, reports NPR.

The calico kitty was an honorary stationmaster at the Kishi train station near Wakayama City. Tama was given the role in 2007 after she started hanging around the stop. Workers dressed the feline in a tailor-made collar and stationmaster hat and even gave the cat her own office – a converted ticket booth.

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New York City Cop Gets Greasy to Save Kitten Stuck in Tow Truck

Credit: Courtesy NYPD 114th Precinct

They may work with canines, but don't be fooled: the New York Police Department is full of cat lovers.

Less than a week after Officer John Passarella saved a kitten in Brooklyn, Officer Sean Ryan went out of his way to rescue a baby cat in Queens, reports ABC News.

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Hold on to Your Soul and Prepare to Stare Upon the Saddest-Looking Cat on the Internet

Meet Luhu, the Saddest Cat on the Internet (PHOTOS)

Originally posted 06/24/2015 02:55 PM

Yoo-hoo, Luhu, why the long face? You're a celebrity.

This gray tabby is quickly gaining Instagram followers for her drooping brows that give her a look so achingly sad and sweet it is capable of melting the hearts of even the most hardened feline defectors.

I mean, come on. Look at that face!

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Move over, guard dogs; guard cats are moving in on your turf.

On Tuesday, we were in awe of a cat who shooed away a mountain lion while sipping her morning coffee. Today, Nani the cat shows felines the world over how to send a black bear back where he came from (while safely protected by a glass door).

In a YouTube video posted by Eagle River, Alaska, resident Darlis Elliott, the 2-year-old Savannah cat watches silently inside as the sizable bear sniffs around outside on the porch.

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Take that, you big bully!

This brave feline sweetly meows as it stares into the eyes of a ferocious mountain lion – with just a glass door separating them – and prompts the large animal to go on his merry way.

The standoff begins with a very shocked owner finding his fluffy cat deeply engrossed in a staring contest with the big guy, who looks to be almost the size of a zoo lion. (Imagine bumping into this guy with your morning coffee, ah!)

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Calvin Harris Cat-Sits for Taylor Swift: Watch the Adorable Video

Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

Just purrfect: Calvin Harris is cat-sitting for girlfriend Taylor Swift while she's away for her 1989 World Tour.

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Cat Survives 2-Month Move to Alaska Inside Mattress

Credit: Eric Engman/Fairbanks Daily News-Miner/AP

Cat Survives 2-Month Move to Alaska Inside Mattress

Originally posted 06/22/2015 02:20 PM

Moosie is finally among his fellow moose in Alaska after spending two months traveling in a mattress.

In April, the 2-year-old tabby's owners, Kymberly and Jesse Chelf, were packing up to move from El Paso, Texas, to Jesse's new army assignment in Fairbanks, Alaska, when Moosie disappeared, reports the Associated Press.

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Tara the Hero Cat Honored with Hero Dog Award for Saving Her 6-Year-Old Owner

Credit: AP

This world's going to the cats.

On Friday, Tara, the loyal feline who saved her 6-year-old owner with autism from being attacked by a dog in May 2014, became the first cat to receive the Los Angeles SPCA's Hero Dog Award, reports The Associated Press.

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Adorable Brooklyn Cop Gets Dirty to Save Equally Adorable Stray Kitten

Credit: Courtesy NYPD

Turner and Hooch is so 1989. Meet Passarella and kitten. The pair met during a police rescue in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday.

Officer John Passarella was called in to help the NYPD save the baby cat, who was stuck underneath a minivan's engine block, reports ABC News.

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Gus Van Sant tried; now cats want a piece of the Psycho canon.

In this shot-for-shot recreation of the thriller's notorious shower scene, the terrified actors are replaced with rowdy kittens.

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