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WATCH: It's a Baby Goat Slumber Party, Everybody Freak Out

Originally posted 06/03/2015 05:40 PM

Back in the day, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen hosted some wickedly sweet slumber parties full of pizza and smiles.

Now, the twins are more concerned with managing their fashion empire (rude) than inviting buddies over to eat Easy Cheese and watch VHS tapes.

Don't worry, sleepover warriors, salvation has come in the form of baby goats. The adorable farm twosome in the above video are here to showcase the splendor slumber parties can still provide, for young and old.

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Mischievous Badger Breaks into House Through Cat Flap – and Steals Pie from Fridge

Badger Breaks into House – and Eats PieĀ 

Originally posted 05/28/2015 01:00 PM

We've all been there – famished in the middle of the night, frantically making our way toward the fridge to scavenge for a snack.

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VIDEO: Check Out Benny the Guilty Dog's 'Who Me?' Face

Originally posted 05/27/2015 04:40 PM

Benny is one of two rescue dogs owned by John O'Kelly (who, somewhat confusingly, goes by the name Mike Patton – but never mind that). Forget all your own shameful deeds and pay attention for one minute to Benny the Dog's mug. With nary a bark, this fido's face speaks a thousand words.

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Hop to It: Check Out Roux the Two-Legged 'Bunny Cat' on Instagram

Credit: Courtesy Roux

If you need some-bunny new to love on Instagram, then let us introduce you to Roux the cat.

The 1-year-old feline – who has more than 50,000 followers already – was born without front legs, but it doesn't hold her back one bit because she gets around by hopping like a bunny.

In an interview with, the cat's owner Jackie Deak Akey says she rescued the cat last October after someone surrendered her to an animal shelter in New Orleans.

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Dog Loses Eyesight, Dog Siblings Serve as Her Guide

Originally posted 05/26/2015 02:15 PM

Glaucoma may have stolen Kiaya's eyesight, but Cass and Keller have helped give the dog her life back.

When the akita lost her eyes to the condition, her doggy siblings, also rescued akitas, stepped up to help in the sweetest way possible. They're always by her side and help her get where she wants to go.

"They were kind of bookends to her," owner Jessica VanHusen, of Waterford, Michigan, told ABC News. "They're not fiercely protective but they're always touching her. They're really respectful of her."

The veterinary ophthalmologist who removed both of Kiaya's eyes says watching the trio in action warms the heart.

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Meet Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's Adorable New Dog, Scooby

Credit: Courtesy Gisele Bundchen

This puppy's a Patriot.

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Let's All Stare at These Adorable Purritos (Hey, It's for a Good Cause)

Credit: Best Friends Animal Society

There aren't many things on this planet we value more than a really, really good burrito.

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Three Husky Puppies Play Tug-of-War with Their Mom (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/20/2015 02:15 PM

What more could you possibly need in a headline than that?

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